5 Best Tips to Promote your Commercial Land for Sale in Sunrise Florida

Commercial Land for Sale in Sunrise Florida

Commercial Land for Sale in Sunrise Florida

It’s time to promote your commercial land for sale in Sunrise Florida! Maybe your company is outperforming and you are ready to exit investments or perhaps retiring from a business that has been owned for decades. Let’s look at some tips that will help you sell your commercial property faster and for the price you want.

Excellent First Impression!

Observe your land and property very well. Do you need to fix the landscape? Maybe a good pressure wash or a coat of paint would make your property look fresh and attractive. Clean the windows and replace the ones that are broken. And, do not forget that parking lot. Fix those holes! Make your property look as pleasant as possible to give your potential buyers an excellent first impression.

WOW Potential Buyers

Make all minor repairs and clean floors. Check if there are any major repairs, it is best to fix them before putting the property on the market.

Clean your Commercial Land

Make sure that the work areas are clean and tidy. Keep those document boxes, clean common areas (especially break room) and inform employees or tenants that their support is needed to maintain a clean environment that will bring you a great appreciation.

What is your Pricing Strategy?

The best way to start is to find similar properties near your property. If you can find them, find out how far they are from your property, what those properties were sold for and the date of the sale. Sometimes this is difficult since many of the commercial databases are not available to the public.

Check Nearby Commercial Lands

If you have been able to identify the properties for sale that are close to you, take a look and see what they are offering. Pay close attention to lease rates, services, and location. This will give you an idea of how you face the competition. While the offsets are excellent, investors will also be interested in the building’s ability to generate revenue.

Understand the Investor’s Point of View:

  • Focus Group

First, make sure that your ad information is up to date and accurate. It is much easier to negotiate a solid contract if your information cannot be disputed.

  • Know the Preferences of your Potential Investors

Check whether they are looking for a turnkey property that can be 100% leased? Or they want to make improvements to the building Want to see how we can help you in commercial land for sale in Sunrise Florida? Click here now and talk with our friendly agents for more information. Or call Click Cash Deals friendly office any time at 305-783-2776.

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